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December 12, 2013

City school district to review bus runs

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Parents on Young Road are upset over a recent busing change, but Lockport City School officials say they are just following their own policy and that of the state education department.

However, there are plans to review the district’s bus runs sometime over the winter, school officials said. But, no changes would be made until September 2014 at the earliest.

Starting Monday, children who live on Young Road will be picked up at a bus stop at the corner where the road meets Sunset Drive. Prior to the change, kids were picked up in their own driveways on Young then buses would turn around at the end of the road and exit on Sunset. A total of four daily buses pick up kids of all ages on Young.

Young Road is in the Town of Lockport, just north of Leete Road. A dead-end street, Young jots out east of Sunset Drive.

Jon May, a Young Road parent of a DeSales student who is bused by the district, told Lockport Board of Education members Wednesday he had safety concerns about the busing change.

“This is not about extra walking distance to a bus stop. This is about an unsafe location for that bus stop,” May said. “We are not asking for special treatment. We are asking for safe treatment — the same treatment we have gratefully received for over 15 years.”

Parents’ concerns center around the fact that Sunset Drive’s speed limit is 50 mph and there aren’t any sidewalks or shoulders. Heidi Hildreth, a Young Road parent and Lockport teacher, said 47 accidents have taken place on Sunset over the past year, including one fatal.

May said according to the state education department, students must be 15 feet from the bus. Without a shoulder or sidewalk on Young, kids would have to wait on private property, the Sunset shoulder or in the road on Young, both unsafe options, May charged.

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