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March 5, 2012

Lockport Day in Florida is Tuesday

They may live in Florida, but their home will always be Lockport.

For those transplanted residents, Lockport Day in Florida is an annual get-together where they share good times and great memories of the Lock City. Coordinator Lorraine Thomas said more than 300 people have made reservations for this year’s event; in past years the total has reached as high as 390.

Lockport Day began as a barbecue more than 30 years ago and has grown considerably. This year’s edition will be held Tuesday at the Port Charlotte, Fla., Moose Club. For the event, Lee and Joanne Horn will be will be in charge of activities, with the help of J.R. and Nancy Reid; Brian and Sharon Beakman; John and Elaine Wehrlin; Jack and Risé Gian; and Pat Kosut and Donna Weber. Mike and Brenda Walker have solicited and purchased door prizes for attendees.

Thomas shared a little about Lockport Day with the Union-Sun & Journal last week.


QUESTION: What’s going on for Lockport Day?

ANSWER: We have 301 reservations and it’s the 37th year for Lockport Day. It began years ago when Charles Steiner and his wife sent out postcards saying they were going to have a potluck dinner. One hundred and 15 people showed up. And from there it has grown. When it was up in the Tampa area, they would have 600 to 700. Down in South Florida, the most we have had is 390. But 300 people isn’t bad. We start off with a buffet at lunch time, about 11 a.m. WLVL broadcasts on-site from 10 a.m. until noon. At 10 a.m. the room will be half-filled. We really have two groups of people. One group gets there, they want to sit in the same seats with the same friends as last year, have their buffet. We have door prizes and drawings. And then they want to go home. Then we have another group of people that come a little later, have their lunch, door prizes, but then there’s a tiki bar and a DJ out back. A lot of them are using their headlights to get home. So it’s a good party.

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