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May 17, 2013

Witnesses contradict suing bidder's claims


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Ritchie said she told the man that CRA was handling the parking construction project and asked him whether he wanted the firm’s phone number. The man said he already had the number and walked away from her, according to Ritchie’s statement.

Ritchie did not find a bid package on her desk when she arrived back at the engineering office. She said she confirmed from a published advertisement that bids were supposed to go to the City Clerk’s office, then went outside City Hall to try and find the man. When she did not, she obtained a listing of prospective bidders and started calling them to try finding the man, according to her statement.

“I headed back to my office to continue calling contractors and I was approached by an unknown man who said he saw me in the parking lot looking for the man I had spoken to. The unknown man said he saw the person leave that I was looking for and gave me the contractor’s name, Scott Lawn Yard,” Ritchie said. “I immediately called the office of Scott and spoke with a woman whom I informed that I believed a man from Scott left City Hall with Scott’s bid to go to the CRA office in Buffalo. I also informed the woman to please immediately contact the man and inform him that the bids are being received at the City Clerk’s office and not CRA’s office.”

CRA staff confirmed that a bidder came to the Buffalo office and was directed to go back to Lockport.

In her statement, Ritchie said the man she’d encountered previously came back to the engineering office around 2:45 p.m. and she escorted him downstairs to the City Hall conference room where CRA representatives were waiting.

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