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May 26, 2013


Something special at Market Street Art Gallery

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Patriots at the Market Street Art Gallery wanted to do something special to honor servicemen around Memorial Day and their efforts are being rewarded.

About 300 people attended the opening of the Gallery’s Armed Services Exhibition on May 18, and interest is growing for the show that ends June 13.

”It’s a wonderful exhibit,” said Paul Griffin, who has two of his works on the gallery wall. “The talent here is unbelievable, from the guys showing the pain of war to other things that come out of it — the beauty that has come out.” 

Griffin, who served in the Army in 1966-67, now works at Market Street, setting up exhibits.

There are 45 paintings and sculpture on display. The exhibition features artwork and war memorabilia from military veterans, their families and active duty personnel.

The centerpiece in a  World War I airplane, a model English Sopwith Camel hanging from the ceiling. Black sculptures of men at war provide a riveting display on the table below.

There is a gripping “POW” painting by Ralph Sirianni depicting a starving prisoner of war in a Japanese camp. The emaciated body shows his bones, but the eyes of the GI show his defiance.

“It was nice to see some of the work from World War II, that were local,” said Jeannette Pikturna, the exhibition’s director. “They are not just current, but from eras that were further back.” 

John and Judy Collins of Lockport wanted to see the exhibition and visited during the week. “It represents our country,” said John, a World War II veteran who will celebrate his birthday on the traditional Memorial Day, May 30.

Judy Collins said, “You have to remember the men and women who died for us, fought for us so we don’t have to do that.”

The Veterans of Foreign Wars have argued that moving Memorial Day to the last Monday in May to create three-day weekends undermined the meaning of the day. The VFW feels that the public has a nonchalant observance to Memorial Day which honors those who died in wars.

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