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July 3, 2013

City to absorb extra refuse tab


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — • Paved sections of the Spring and Vine street hills, which lead to Market Street, were washed away. The streets are passable after application of temporary patching, but both will need repaving soon. Perhaps somewhat remarkably, Allen said, Market Street itself was not damaged despite being flooded.

• A water main on Willow Street east of Beattie Avenue broke and was mended Friday night. The main snapped in an area where the surrounding ground was too soggy to hold it up, according to Allen.

• A newly installed water main extension from Reed Street to High Street has to be dug up and reinstalled after rain filled the trench and created air pockets around the pipe, which had been covered with stone but not soil yet when the rain started.

• Potholes formed around numerous manholes and storm receivers in streets across the city as rain washed away the asphalt at their edges. The rain washed away wood chips beneath playground equipment in several city parks as well.

At the city-owned Nelson Goehle Marina, Market Street, two boats sunk into the Erie Canal during the storm. According to Tucker, the boats were not covered and they sank after being filled with rain.

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