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September 24, 2013

Black won't challenge town clerk ruling

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Former Lockport Town Board candidate Paul Black will not challenge Town Clerk Nancy A. Brooks' ruling to invalidate both of his recommended referendums.

Black said Tuesday the cost of mounting a legal challenge was the only reason he chose not to pursue an appeal.

"I still believe I'm right," he said.

While he wasn't sure if another petition was coming, Black said he would continue with at least talking about the changes he proposed, one of which he claimed was improving communication between the public and Town Board.

Town Clerk Nancy A. Brooks ruled last week that Black’s petitions — which called for splitting the town into four wards and enacting a new set of town board meeting bylaws — were invalid because they did not comply with election law.

Brooks found that the petitions did not contain enough valid signatures. Her decision says that the 400-or-so signatures on each petition were not accompanied by listing of the signer’s town of residence, thus making the signatures invalid.

The town bylaw petition also did not have statutory authority, Brooks’ decision said, meaning creating meeting bylaws isn’t allowed because town law does not permit it.

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