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October 28, 2013

Raising domestic violence awareness


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal —

LEFFLER: Couldn’t that very easily be a deterrent, though? 

LAROSE: Not to these guys. 

LAROSE: There’s no such thing as a deterrent to domestic violence. 

VOUTOUR: It’s a unique crime. It really is. And it really has to be handled in a unique way. 

LEFFLER: I hear the same names. ... There’s a guy’s name that I hear on the scanner once a week. And yet, he apparently keeps getting out. 

VOUTOUR: Is it domestic? 


BAEHRE: Is it going through the court process? 

LEFFLER: I don’t know. And that’s part of our problem because we can’t get reports. So we don’t know what happened. And I hear this guys name. I’ve heard it over the scanner at least a dozen times. … Do the judges take it seriously? 

BAEHRE: I think we are very fortunate in Niagara County with the judges that we have. Especially on the county court level. I think we’re very very fortunate with regards to bail. … I have secured over $500,000 bail. I have secured $2 million bail. And and I’ve secured remand. ... So I think we’re very fortunate in Niagara County with the judges we have. Do all of them get it? No. But I think we are, especially on a felony level, very fortunate. 

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