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October 28, 2013

Raising domestic violence awareness


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LEFFLER: What do you mean by violation cases?

VOUTOUR: Violations of law come in three packages. There’s violations, there’s misdemeanors and there’s felonies. A violation has to be committed in the presence of a police officer for them to make that arrest. And that officer has to be in his geographical area of employment, if that makes sense.

LEFFLER: In terms of domestic violence, what would be considered a violation as opposed to a misdemeanor or a felony.

EGGERT: A slap across the face.

VOUTOUR: Harassment 2nd is the most popular.

MILES: In most instances the victim must pursue charges, right?

BAEHRE: We need her cooperation.

LEFFLER: Let’s talk about that. And Larry, let’s shift to you just because you’re quiet over there. Do you find in what comes across your desk that women are typically the victims in domestic violence?

EGGERT: It has traditionally been that way just statistically driven. I think that Susan could speak better that I could. But I think from my perspective, what I’ve started to see is more male victims.

LAROSE: More males reporting. 

EGGERT: Maybe that's what it is. More males reporting. You’re starting to also see some same-sex cases where female/female, male/male. And there’s no decrease in the level of violence or the risk of violence. We treat those calls the same as we do any other. ... In a relationship — the definition of a relationship, really is it could be one date, essentially. It could be one date at some time in the past. And that becomes a relationship. So domestic violence is not only a good policy. It’s a pro-arrest policy, but it’s big enough that we could use it in a lot of situations where 20 years ago, 30 years ago we didn’t have those tools to deal with … to diffuse it. Thirty years ago, you would go to the same house five times in one night. Six times in one night. 

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