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October 28, 2013

Raising domestic violence awareness


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal —

MILES: Tell us about a domestic violence court. A specialty court. I think there might be one in city court. County court. 

BAEHRE: Integrated Domestic Violence Court will incorporate Family Court as well as Supreme Court and Criminal Court. So the big benefit is that we don’t have these women who don’t have vehicles who are trying to support their family as single moms or vice versa, just going to one court. You can imagine before Integrated Domestic Violence Court they couldn’t make criminal court because they’re in family court. So there’s one judge hearing all of the cases. In the past when there were two of three judges involved, one judge didn’t know what the other judge was doing. Or one judge didn’t know the criminal or the truth about the criminal. And now it’s one judge hearing everything so there’s no snowballing. 

LEFFLER: Other than IDV court, domestic violence cases just go through the normal court system? 

BAEHRE: The only way they go through IDV court is if there’s a pending custody or matrimonial. 

LAROSE: With the criminal. 

LAROSE: But all courts in the county have specific days for domestic violence cases. 

MILES: I’d like to go back to the something that the sheriff said. You talked about the confidential nature of details in these cases. ... The question that we get from our readers is ‘Why don’t we see these arrests in the paper — or that one.' They’re frequently involving domestic incidents. Was somebody charged with the crime. What was the crime? The alleged crime. These details are not readily available. Why not? 

VOUTOUR: Because we protect victims. It’s a simple answer. I know Bill (Wolcott) wanted that one domestic. It was actually the victim who wanted it in the paper. 

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