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October 28, 2013

Raising domestic violence awareness


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal —

MILES: We know Bob Freeman (from the NYS Committee on Open Government) told him there are no secret arrests. What do you say to that? 

VOUTOUR: FOIL it and we’ll have the county attorney look at it. 

MILES: What makes these different than any other arrest? 

VOUTOUR: You’re right, there could be a street fight at the bar where a victim gets beat up and that will make the paper. But domestic violence is domestic violence and it’s my policy to protect victims to every extent that I can. 

LAROSE: Many victims will not report if they think it’s going to go in the paper. It’s commonly brought up, ‘is this going to go in the paper? Is this going to go in the paper? And it’s our policy at the sheriff’s office that it will not go in the paper. 

MILES: But it will end up in the paper when the reporter is sitting in court hearing for the first time that a man in Gasport was charged or indicted for allegedly raping his girlfriend. It’s coming out public at that time. What’s the difference?

VOUTOUR: It’s not coming from us. 

BAEHRE: Let’s not forget that oftentimes the reason they stay with the perpetrator is because they’re trying to keep their family together. And in their eyes, they’re protecting their children by staying. Because they know what he’s doing. They know what he’s capable of. They’re afraid of losing their children to him. Or not having knowledge of what he’s doing. So for them, to stay in the relationship makes sense. In their own mind, they’re safer. ... But their whole role is to protect their children. And when it’s released into the paper, you can imagine what the children go through.

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