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October 28, 2013

Raising domestic violence awareness


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LAROSE: We have so many professional people, like teachers. You get a teacher in the paper, then the whole classroom knows and they say, 'my God, do we trust her being our teacher? She’s in domestic violence. Is her mind going to be on her class?' 

LAROSE: One of the first sentences that comes out of the victim’s mouth is ‘I’m so embarrassed.’ Because they think it’s just embarrassing to them. 

LEFFLER: You’re almost supporting my position.

LAROSE: But I’m not sure that putting her name in the paper will help that … 

LEFFLER: Not the victims' names. Nobody wants to print victims’ names. 

LAROSE: What is it that you would like to print? Explain that. 

LEFFLER: Criminals’ names. 

MILES: Alleged criminals’ names. 

LEFFLER: We print accused criminals for everything else. 

LAROSE: So the article would read ‘so and so was arrested on a domestic.’ 

LEFFLER: The article would read ‘John Smith was arrested Tuesday afternoon on High Street for assaulting a woman.’ 

VOUTOUR: And if that name on the arrest were Steven LaRose, anybody in Newfane or Wrights Corners or Lockport who read that arrest would know that she’s the victim. … And the likelihood of her calling again when she really needs it is greatly diminished. 

LAROSE: And if you’re not addressing domestic violence in the article then how would you be educating the public, knowing that that is a DV rather than a robbery. 

VOUTOUR: I understand your frustration and any journalist that you put in this room would agree with the both of you … 

EGGERT: And any cop or victims’ advocate would agree with all of us. 

LAROSE: We have to talk about safety. We talked about low bails. We talked about releasing on their own recognizance and what happens as soon as their released. Imagine what it does to these guys when their name’s in the paper? What happens at home? ‘You ruined my career. You ruined my life. All my friends are looking at me.’ 

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