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October 31, 2013

VALLEY: This is what I'm thinking

This is what I'm thinking ...

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Just wondering: Other than the hatches, is there anything else you can batten down?

I’ll bet you all the tea in China that if you give me 30 seconds, I can find you a song by Led Zeppelin, Queen or Tom Petty playing on the radio. This is not earth-shattering, it’s just an observation. Try it yourself.

Give me another 30 seconds of watching a televised baseball game and I’ll find you six guys spitting, six people in the stands on a cell phone and another six yawning.

Color me amused by the fact that Sean “Puff-Diddy” Combs is pushing a new television network, which he created, by issuing this statement as a selling point: 

1. “I want to know who Taylor Swift is.”

2. “Why is Miley Cyrus twerking?”

3. “Why did Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake go on tour?”

4. “Why did Kanye West call his daughter North?”

Seriously? First, do you really think there’s enough interest in those people to warrant a network?

Second, who the hell are those people? 

Incidentally, after careful research, here are the respective answers to those questions:

1. Why?

2. Who cares?

3. To make money.

4. He didn’t know how to spell Nora – not unlike the person who actually named him Kenny. 

Next: When growing up, never, in a million years, could I imagine a World Series game still going on at midnight like it did this past Saturday. (Not to mention we’re only days from the month of November.)

Baseball, back then, was a warm afternoon affair that had us kids begging the teachers to turn on a transistor radio during school hours.  If landing on the moon seemed unfeasible, baseball at midnight was even more unfathomable. No way, Jose, kind-of stuff.

Back then, the television stations weren’t even on the air that late. They signed off leaving a test pattern which was the profile of an American Indian.

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