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October 12, 2012

JACKIE DAVIS: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Decisions!

From the moment we awake, we are faced with decisions to make. 

Whether we get up before the alarm, or hit the snooze button a dozen times, our day is filled with numerous choices. Before you kiss your spouse goodbye, see your child off to school, take your toddler to the sitter, hit the gym, or leave for work, you make dozens of decisions without really thinking about them.

The simple, mundane life decisions are like operating on ‘auto-pilot’ — what to wear, what to grab or make for breakfast, what’s at the top of your to-do list, who needs your care first (baby, child, spouse, pet, etc).

If you are a ‘night owl’ like me, your first decision of the day is easy — COFFEE! (“Wake-up and smell the coffee” is actually a wonderful invitation to those of us whose average bedtime is after midnight). There is something about the rich, warm, aroma, and the delicious, first sip of a fresh brewed cup of coffee that makes all decisions following, just a little bit clearer. 

Simple life decisions are easy, but all life decisions aren’t simple, and they certainly aren’t all easy.

Complex life decisions may require prayerful thought and consideration. Who to marry? Where to live? Where to go to school? Do I uproot the whole family for a job transfer? How do we work through marital challenges? What to do with a troubled teen? Do I take a risky business adventure in this economy? Other decisions are literally a matter of life or death. Do I have the treatment or surgery? Can I make it across that bridge? Is it time to remove the life support and let my loved one go?

None of these kinds of decisions are easy. Sometimes, there are no simple answers to the decisions we face. Prayerfully taking your time, seeking wise council or advice, as well as researching the situation may help you in the decision making process. 

Considering the consequences of your decision is also extremely important. How will this decision effect the significant others in my life? Will it dramatically change our situation for the better? Will it be life changing? Can I recover or regroup if things don’t work out as planned? Is this a selfless decision, or a selfish one? Is there a better way? Do I need the approval or agreement of my family before I proceed?

Years ago, I wrote the song “Center of Your Will” when faced with the decision of whether or not to resign as one of the music directors of a very large, very wonderful church. Doors of opportunity were opening elsewhere, and as a believer in Christ, I was prayerful and torn:

“The Lord is compassionate, gracious and kind; His mercies are new every day;

Our decisions determine the road we will take, but for me I stand and say:

Put me in the center of your will; Move me to the place where I’m to be.

You always know what’s best for me your purpose to fulfill, 

So put me in the center of your will.”

Ultimately, the answer came at a Christian seminar, in the Rocky Mountains, from the heart of my husband. We stepped in a new direction, and we had complete peace.

Whatever you face in the days ahead, I hope you will take time to make wise and godly decisions. You’ll have greater peace of mind, if you do.

Jackie Davis is an inspirational vocalist, musician and speaker with over twenty years of television broadcast experience. You can contact her at jjd.22344@yahoo.com.