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May 27, 2013


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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — I have operated Locust Gardens for 41 years and have always been a good citizen and have always paid my taxes on time.

On my last county tax bill I was absolutely stunned to be informed that “ If N.Y. State financed its Medicaid program like most states, the County property tax would go down by 64.58%,” which on my company would be exactly $12,641.06 per year.

I am sure this note was intended to affix blame on New York state politicians, but, because Niagara County has the absolute highest tax rate per assessed value in the entire United States (over 3,000 counties) I was still upset. 

Well, I guess your local politicians will be proud to be the ones who will “turn off the lights” when they have forced the entire population out of the area.

Michael A. Dascoli


Michael A. Dascoli Lockport