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June 13, 2013

LETTER: An act of kindness

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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — On Sunday May 26 my wife and I attended service at Presbyterian Church. Rev. W. James Hardy preached a wonderful sermon on “Endurance.” The church was beautifully adorned with wall hangings designating every branch of the military. Rev. Harding gave tribute to all the men and women who would be honored the next day being Memorial Day.

After church my wife and I decided to go to a local restaurant for a late breakfast/lunch. Everything was great, the food and service.  When I went to the counter to pay for the bill, with my credit card, the cashier said, “I am sorry, sir, we do not take credit cards.”  Knowing my wife only carries a Kleenex and lipstick in her little purse; no help there, as I thought for a moment, the cashier said “there is an ATM machine,” for I which proceeded to. As I’m struggling to find the opening for my credit card, a gentle man, who was dining, walked over and said, “Are you a military veteran?” for which I replied “why yes I am.”  He said, “I will take that bill, it is on me today.” I was stunned, he started to walk back to his table, I said “Thank You very much but what is your name?” Sorry, but all I remember now is Damon, and I don’t know if it was his first or last name or if I spelled it correctly but I certainly want to thank him for his ACT OF KINDNESS!

We left the restaurant, drove down Walnut Street to Vine, parked the car and walked over to East Avenue. My wife loves parades so we were just in time to view the Memorial Day parade.  All the participants, young kids, older people, bands, politicians, people watching from the sidelines and waving their American flags.

From there we went home, changed our clothes, worked outside, relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the day.  Only in America, only in Lockport, New York.

William (Ben) May


William (Ben) May Lockport