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May 26, 2013


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Would the Buffalo Bills under new ownership really look at Niagara Falls as a new home base?

Perhaps not, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, or to roll out a tiny bit of the proverbial welcome mat just on the off chance. They’ve been here for more than half a century and we’d like to think they’ll still be here when they celebrate 100 years as an NFL franchise. Who doesn’t hope Western New York’s football team remains Western New York’s football team well into the future? 

That’s the sentiment conveyed in a resolution put up by Falls-based Democratic county legislators this week.

The unsentimental reaction of a few Republican legislators borders on laughable.

Newfane’s John Syracuse picked up on veteran GOP lawmaker Clyde Burmaster’s stated concern about “ruffling feathers” in Erie County, then rightly pointed out that the Legislature already takes up enough “feel good” resolutions as it is.

Problem is, Syracuse votes for most of those throwaway resolutions, and seems to run a close second only to Republican Majority Caucus Leader Rick Updegrove in putting his name to resolutions attacking darned near everything the (Democrat controlled) state and (Democrat controlled) federal governments do.

It’s hard not to think the Republicans’ disapproval of the hey-Bills-look-at-Niagara Falls resolution has more to do with it being authored by Democrats than the hopeful spirit it embraced.

We jeered the legislature on Saturday for its stand-pat attitude toward a local law that legislators acknowledge could set up the county for a lawsuit that it would lose. Now there’s a faction that has two strikes against it.

This is partisanship that’s so thoroughly knee-jerk, it has certain Niagara County leaders mouthing more concern for Erie County’s feelings than the economic development possibilities for Niagara’s largest, poorest (and most Democratic) city.

County residents deserve better than this.