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December 15, 2012

OUR VIEW: Cheers and Jeers

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Cheers: Alex Reid, All-American. That has a nice ring to it. It’s not often that a local athlete lands on a national list, but people took notice of Reid’s prowess on the pitch. He’s one of 77 named by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, out of the tens of thousands of soccer players. Soccer is typically a defense-first sport, and his 60 career goals — including 21 in his senior year — are a strong testament to his offensive prowess. Congratulations to Alex and we wish him continued success in college.

Cheers: Lockport Chief of Police Larry Eggert tells us that Lt. Scott Abbott isn’t one to talk about himself, let alone call attention to his actions while on the job. Fortunately, the chief made us aware of Abbott’s actions over the weekend to save the life of a local young man. A distraught teen tried to end his own life by jumping from the Pine Street bridge, and Abbott caught him in midair, by his hoodie. The teen had been making threats of harming himself, a signal that he was reaching out. There wasn’t much time to react on the bridge. Good thing Abbott has quick reflexes, and reached out just in time.

Jeers: Another winter is upon us and there still has been no movement on construction of a new Walmart supercenter on the site of the former Lockport Mall. Work has been delayed there twice by nesting seagulls. The first time was when the mall was being torn down; the second, in June when they returned. Walmart is said to be performing environmental remediation on the site, a necessary step. However, if they wait too long they’ll be facing another nesting season. This project has been held up long enough. Maybe Walmart officials should look into hiring a border collie to roam the site when spring arrives — they’re successful with Canada geese — and “convince” the gulls to look elsewhere to nest.

Cheers: They could still wind up in North Carolina. However, news this week that Trek Inc. may end up occupying a considerable portion of the Harrison Radiator site is good news indeed. Officials from Greater Lockport Development Corporation are still working through the details. If they’re successful, Trek will move from Medina and take residence of some 96,000 square feet in the Harrison Building 4. That’s significant space. Officials in Orleans County are justifiably upset, but if the jobs can be kept in Western New York instead of being shipped off to North Carolina, this will be a win-win.