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July 4, 2013


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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Grateful for Relay for Life support

As event co-chairs of this year’s American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Lockport, we would like to sincerely thank the residents of Lockport and surrounding communities for their continued generosity and support. A total of 68 teams participated in this year’s event, raising over $128,000 for the American Cancer Society’s research, education, advocacy and service programs.  The outstanding support received proves our community is truly committed to finishing the fight against cancer.

We would like to thank the survivors and their families who bravely came out and demonstrated their commitment to the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer.  Each individual on the track had a story to share that will continue to inspire and motivate others as we work to eliminate cancer.

In addition, we would like to extend our gratitude to our truly remarkable committee. This event, now in its 13th year, would not be possible without the year-round commitment of these dedicated volunteers. Their valuable contributions make this overnight celebration of life momentous and meaningful to all in attendance. Often, these devoted individuals sacrifice much of themselves, including time spent with family and friends, to ensure that Relay For Life of Lockport is a meaningful experience for cancer survivors, their caregivers, and the individuals who have lost their loved ones to this disease.

Lastly, we would like to thank our beloved American Cancer Society Staff Partner, Jane Dent, and her incredible husband, Rick.  Jane’s drive and passion to end cancer motivates every member of our committee, keeping us strong and resolute, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Rick’s dedication to a cancer-free world is evident in his every action, working tirelessly to ensure the Relay For Life of Lockport is a success year after year. Rick and Jane are truly inspirational role models and we are fortunate to work alongside them.

We continue to raise fund to support cancer research and support services year-round. To support Relay For Life of Lockport, please visit www.relayforlife.org/LockportNY and click donate. For more information, to get help, or to join the fight, call us anytime, day or night, at 1-800-227-2345 or visit cancer.org.

Jennifer Markee and Donna Czaja

Event Co-Chairs

Relay For Life of Lockport

Legislature needs fresh faces

How much more do the residents of Lockport and Niagara County have to take? Year after year, issue after issue, the taxpayers are on the wrong side of the votes taken by the Niagara County Legislature and their Republican super majority that controls the county with an iron fist. On June 28, the Union-Sun and Journal printed an Our View that presents just another example of this body’s neglect for the businesses and taxpayers of the county. 

To give an organization like NTCC a one-year contract damages small businesses and hotels all over the county. If the “majority caucus” had bothered to listen to speaker after speaker — all, by the way, business owners that will be affected by the vote they took — they would not have played political games with the tourist industry in Niagara County by offering a one-year contract. This is wrong, and it just falls in line with how out of touch the county legislature has become.

Tax increases year after year, patronage increased year after year, political grandstanding, sweetheart deals for friends and family is what happens when a group becomes so entrenched and loses fact that they work for us, the taxpayers!

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Lockport Board of Education Trustee Anthony Molinaro. He has decided to run for a seat on the Niagara County Legislature. He understands that the taxpayers come first, not the special interests. He understands the need to reverse the problems I mentioned above. He realizes this domination of Niagara County and the majority caucus has left us in last place nationally and we are running out of time to fix this mess. For the first time in years, new faces are stepping forward to challenge long time, entrenched county legislators. I ask that you take a few minutes, get to know these candidates and then decide if you feel you have been properly represented for the past decade. I think most will realize right away that the time for change is now.

Bill Rutland


Jennifer Markee and Donna Czaja Event Co-Chairs Relay For Life of Lockport