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July 11, 2013

LETTER: Communist or community?

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — When banks can steal billions, re-route taxes and buy out politicians in order to propagate superfluous wealth at the expense of every citizen, there is not a soul that’s safe. When we have come to rely on a societal system that takes all it can for the elitist corporate heads and their respective billionaire investors, the very people who infiltrated the very core of our government (see Obama’s post inauguration change in cabinet to previously and still present Goldman-Sachs constituents,) it becomes taboo for anyone to speak out against this vicious machine.

The debt that dragged us down to the brink of financial collapse was in fact perpetrated out of this kind of supreme greed. The corporate hand-outs, the million dollar bonuses and the monopolization of companies over the ma and pa stores that would have turned the recession around all took place during the crisis! 

This almost unimaginable crime wave at the top levels of government and its big brother Wall Street leaves all the rest of us pointing fingers at one another, ensuring a kind of social-civil war where gun activists hate gun control advocates, where Republican religious traditionalists hate the Democratic gay marriage advocates and where someone who has financial stability (unlike the vast majority of the country, which is probably due to her membership in the enigmatic social club of “upper-middle class’ness”) criticizes a breakfast program.

Let’s not decry the most minimal form of social sharing when we have military budgets that are out of control and banks that are still steering the wheel of our country. People call social services socialist, basically a more polite way of calling them “red commie giveouts.” But these ideals are long dead in our great society, leaving only the rich and the poor with few means of equally distributing wealth between them.

If you say these ideas are “communist” then you are leaving out a very important suffix, “unity” And what do these words spell, children? VERY GOOD! “Community.”

Eric Fura