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August 21, 2013

LETTER: We hired the wrong people at the wrong time

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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — We hired the wrong people at the wrong time

The Business Council has continually ranked Niagara County as the highest taxed county in the country. The questions are how and why.

The media reports calculate the tax cap for next year will be 1.66% (the cap was never a fixed rate). The comptroller’s office reports the state will receive an increase of $4 million in sales tax revenue and millions from gaming (thanks to the Seneca negotiated settlement); not reported, can the state pay its bills? If that is the case, education will continue to downsize, closing schools while shedding jobs forcing larger class sizes to find the cupboard bare by this forced austerity as our children will be caught in the middle while adults argue testing over learning. 

Our municipal governments are not immune as the tax tap will force similar discussions, the taxpayer will be caught in the middle, as those we hire try to explain why jobs remain unfilled, as leaves remain in the streets, trying to balance public safety to manpower requirements as city hall figuratively “burns” because Albany has no answer to its force austerity.

The state austerity means the state pension bill will remain for the foreseeable future, not reported, if the county received any gaming revenue with their costly no-bid schemes, its IDA tax giveaways — it’s apparent why the county should be on the debit side.

Sadly we hired the wrong people at the wrong time.

Roger Chenez