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July 6, 2013

OUR VIEW: The flood's good and bad, part 2

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Eight days ago, Lockport was drenched with five inches of rain in a very short period of time. The soaking overwhelmed the city’s storm sewer system and caused incredible flooding in some neighborhoods.

Yesterday we reviewed some of the bad or not-so-good moments from the storm. Today we’re taking a look at feats during and after the storm that should be applauded, or at least make you smile.

• Acts of kindness by ordinary citizens were on full display. People took it upon themselves to try and dissuade drivers from traveling down water-logged streets. We saw this firsthand on Locust Street and Genesee Street. It takes a special person to stand out in the middle of the pouring rain to alert drivers.

• Not only did some residents make it a point to prevent someone from driving into deep water, there were others who were trying to open clogged storm sewer receivers. The city’s employees in the public works arena also deserve high marks for valiantly trying to open clogged storm sewer receivers.

• Hats off to city employees who barricaded streets as quickly as possible. Not only that, but they were updating the road blocks as conditions changed and were also timely in reopening roads as the flood waters receded. Nice job.

• There were minimal power outages. The folks at New York State Electric & Gas were on the ball.

• Sen. Charles Schumer came to town Tuesday and vowed to find a way to get FEMA relief for beleaguered residents and businesses. With the major flooding that took place in the Mohawk Valley, he could have focused all of his efforts there, but Mr. Schumer saw it fit to look after us.

• Finally, not only were all of Lockport’s available firefighters and police officers pressed into service, but city residents received plenty of help from volunteer fire districts from across Niagara County. Kudos to the volunteers form the following districts: Rapids, Wrights Corners, Terry’s Corners, Gasport Hose, Cambria, Wendelville, Miller Hose, Wolcottsville, Olcott, South Wilson, Wilson, Barker, Youngstown, Ransomville, St. Johnsburg and Frontier.