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April 17, 2013

ROOT: Terrorists Are Morons

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Cowards come in all shapes and sizes. The problem with terrorism is that it has a history of being used successfully in other countries. When Pablo Escobar wanted to intimidate the Colombian government, he would blow up innocent people and he would get his way. Of course, the end result was Escobar getting riddled with bullets by the Colombian army, but the really stupid terrorists never seem to remember that.

You can list all kinds of acts of terrorism that were successful in some way or another down throughout history, but there is one thing missing. There is not one documented incident in the history of the United States where terrorism caused the American people to back down from anything. We absorb the initial impact of the incident and then work together to help people recover. Then we go after the bastards that tried to bring us down and we don’t stop until they are caught.

Terrorism doesn’t work in the United States of America. It never has and it never will. Americans are not built like that. The American media spends all day trying to scare the heck out of us, which has made us numb to real terror. When something goes wrong, our natural reaction is to help each other. When something like this happens, you will see more Americans running towards the danger than away from it.

It’s a shame that this sense of American unity during a crisis fades after the crisis is over. It won’t be long before the same people who were helping to carry the injured onto ambulances on Boylston Street will be at each other’s throats about gun control or some other issue. If you watch the Boston Marathon video, you can see how quickly and efficiently Americans work together. Imagine what we could get done if we always worked together like that.

Terrorists are cowards. When I started to write this, we did not know who had actually planted the bombs in Boston. By the sounds of things, it was more than one person. My fear is that it was misguided Americans. The last time a bomb actually went off in a major American city, it was an American that did it. To this point, none of the major terrorist factions have claimed credit for the blast. It looks like we did this to ourselves.

Some people are speculating that this was done as part of the anniversary of Waco. Haven’t enough innocent people died because of that fiasco? What kind of sick mind commemorates a tragedy by creating another tragedy? If this was an American, I say that we should send whoever it is to a third world country. If American freedom makes you so angry that you want to blow up innocent people, then see how the conditions of an oppressive and poverty-stricken nation suit you. And no, you can’t come back when you’ve learned your lesson.

I don’t get terrified when I see and hear about these things, I get angry. I want to find the person that did it and smack them silly. I want to see the guilty parties dangling from the Brooklyn Bridge for all to see. I would imagine that most Americans feel the same way. When we are attacked, we get angry. The terrorists just do not seem to understand that.

The United States is not perfect. We give too much money to countries that hate us and we spend too much time minding other people’s business. Our internal conflicts get so heated that many people are concerned that civil war could break out. Truth be told, the only things that really scare Americans are other Americans.

But in the United States, you can aspire to be something and then set goals to achieve. Please spare me the political speeches about certain people or policies that keep people down. I live the American dream every day. It is alive and well and something that other countries desperately want.

The people that attack our country, whether they are from here or not, do not understand us. We know most countries hate us, and we know why they hate us. We are rich, arrogant, strong and stubborn. I’m not trying to be a rah-rah guy waving the American flag in the face of tragedy. I am just tired of innocent people getting killed by cowards who think they are going to change the American way of life.

The person, or persons, who did this should keep one thing in mind. We will find you and you will be brought to justice. You will not be allowed to slip away. America may be the ultimate dysfunctional family, but we are more than willing to come together long enough to make you pay for what you did.

George N Root III is a Lockport resident, a lover of the city of Boston and a lover of the American way of life. Thanks to our freedoms, his column appears every Wednesday. He can be reached at georgeroot@verizon.net. God Bless Boston and God Bless the United States of America.