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January 22, 2014

ROOT: Politics on TV: Reality series or serial drama?

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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — I am always entertained by politics because, for the most part, I stay out of any discussions that deal with it.

I do pay enough attention to what is going on to have some sort of clue who I want to vote for in the major elections. I used to take those elections casually, but ever since President Obama made me regret voting for him, I decided to take a longer look at candidates before I pull that lever in November. I know that my vote is only one of millions, but I still think that it counts enough to make sure that I educate myself as much as I can on the important issues and where each candidate stands on those issues.

I used to be a big believer in New Jersey governor Chris Christie, but not anymore. There is too much out there that he says he didn’t know about, which he actually should have been in total control of, for me to believe him anymore.

Chris Christie is the Republican governor of New Jersey who was going to bring the country together. When Hurricane Sandy hit, he was the governor who said he’s more interested in helping his state than in furthering his political agenda. He was the Republican who had the Democratic POTUS campaigning for him because Obama believed that Christie could really unite the country and get things done.

Then Christie started burning his bridges and everything went south. Now he is labeled a bully and he is seen as having put his own political agendas ahead of helping the people of his state.

For a brief moment, I really thought a politician could act like a human being and not a politician. But, in the end, Christie was just like every other lying, cheating politician that has ever crawled along the surface of the planet. It is a shame, too, because this guy really seemed to have everything we needed.

The thing that I find funny is the Republican Party’s reaction to all the headlines. When the George Washington Bridge scandal first broke, the GOP was suspiciously quiet and awaiting the fallout. But when the mayor of Hoboken came out and said that Christie purposely withheld Sandy relief funds, because he wanted Hoboken to approve a project for one of his buddies, then everything went nuts.

The Republicans had spent the last six years doing their best to discredit President Obama and get the White House back. The 2012 Presidential Election was one of the dirtiest campaigns I have ever seen, and much of the dirt was being slung by the Republicans. They would try to associate President Obama with programs that Obama had nothing to do with just to bring down the President’s name.

But all of that mud just rolled right off the President and he beat Mitt Romney pretty soundly. Even after Romney had conceded the election and disappeared into the sunset, the Republicans were still trying to ruin Obama’s name. To wit, one radical sect of the party held the entire country hostage in an attempt to stop funding of the Affordable Care Act. claiming despite all evidence to the contrary that they were fighting for the people.

Now, when one Democratic mayor from Hoboken decides to take down the only viable Republican candidate for president in 2016, the Republicans are going nuts. Accusing the Democrats of dirty pool, insisting nothing the Democrats are saying is true.

True or not, the damage has been done. How does that feel, GOP? Maybe federal workers who were furloughed last year while the Republicans played their little budget games feel a small measure of vindication with the destruction of Chris Christie.

Politics is a dirty game that I shall never play. But just because I don’t play doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy watching it on TV.

George N. Root III is a Lockport resident and not a political pundit. His column is published every Wednesday. He can be reached at georgeroot@verizon.net.