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May 6, 2013

LETTER: Embarassed to be from Newfane

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — I’m so embarassed to be a taxpayer in the Newfane district. I am outraged at the way Mrs. Tibbetts handled the shoplifting baseball players. Those kids only regret that they got caught; they should have been expelled.

Newfane has a reputation for putting its sports program above all else, and this is another fine example of how the kids who can catch a ball get special treatment. The first five pages of the 2012-13 news booklet that they publish, every ad was an ad campaign for the class of 2011-12. Pictures of last year’s all star athletes on the front cover. They couldn’t even bother to print the names of the students that joined the military. The kids who might never come home, the kids who put their lives on the line aren’t worth the ink to print their names.

When I brought this to a board member’s attention, it was called an oversight. We are a nation at war and this is the level of respect that the school board has for our military. They say the pledge to the flag but they can’t remember to print the names of the people who are truly serving our community.

It is my opinion that way too much importance is placed on high school sports and that it is a huge waste of taxpayer funds. If parents want their children to play sports they should pay for it, teach these kids that nothing comes for free.

School is not supposed to be fun. It is supposed to be about reading, writing, math and science. Oh, but it’s about the scholarships. Here’s a fun fact for everyone who is falling for that line: less than one-third of kids who go to college on sports scholarships finish. They have been so pampered by the districts that they can’t handle life in the real world, where they are nothing special.

Drop the sports programs from the budget and let the parents pay for it. Don’t raise taxes and let the parents start a thrift store or some useful business to pay for programs that have nothign to do with education.

School is for learning; stop playing games with our money.

Susan M. Wright Lockport