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May 25, 2013

LETTER: Concern for hospital

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Concern for hospital

As an area resident I an writing to express my concerns about the Newfane site of Eastern Niagara Hospital. Several times recently I have been at the Newfane hospital visiting friends and family and could not help but notice that seems to be disturbing trends. Despite all the beautiful renovation that have taken place there, the hospital has a different feel to it, and much of it appears to be disused or underutilized. In particular, I noticed that the OB wing and the wing where my son was once a patient, which I believe is called 110 Hall, are now dark.

I understand that much lab work formerly done at Newfane is now handled at either the Lockport site, the ambulatory site or at Quest. And some areas of the parking lot most easily accessible to handicapped patients and visitors are kept closed off, and empty. My concern is that the administration may be phasing out operations at Newfane with the intention of closing the site completely. Since this is a community hospital which was built with monies raised or donated over the years by not only the people of Newfane but the surrounding areas, I feel any such plans should be completely disclosed.

The professionalism and competence of both the nursing and support staff at Newfane ENH cannot be called into question. I feel both the hard-working staff and the community at large deserve to know any future plans for the hospital, and the site.

Cindy Horner


Cindy Horner Olcott