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February 11, 2013

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City of Lockport

PETIT LARCECY; Larry E. Wimberly, 44, 177 Pine St. Apt. C was charged with petit larceny Saturday. According to the report, Wimbely stole a beer at a convenience store on Feb. 2 and returned on Feb. 9. He was identified. Wimberly was located on High Street , identified, and arrested.

TRESPASS: Joseph R. Craddock, 23, 339 Beattie Ave. was charged with trespassing and a pedestrian violation Saturday. According to the report, Craddock was at  Main Street bar and was refusing to leave. It is an ongoing problem. Craddock ran away just before the patrol's arrival and was arrested on Locust Street while walking on the roadway.

Town of Lockport

DAMAGE: A Lake Avenue resident reported that sometime overnight two of his mailboxes were damaged. He discovered both mailboxes were knocked over and  noted there were tire tracks in the snow. A few pieces from the unknown vehicle were left there. The pieces included part of a black grill and two rectangular silver pieces. The loss is $120.

PETTY LARCENY: An East Avenue teen reported her Samsung Galaxy S cell phone, valued at $350, was taken when she was visiting a house of Lincoln Place on Sunday. While she was visiting her sister at about 5 p.m, she forgot her phone was on the stairs. She returned to the hallway about  five minutes later to find her cell phone missing. The sheriff's patrol called the cell phone and did not hear it ring. 


DWI: Shirl  L. Bucolo, 49, 7016 Charlottville Road was charged with driving while intoxicated, failure to keep right and refusal to take a breath screening test Monday. The sheriff's patrol observed a black pickup traveling west on Wheeler Road approaching the intersection at Lockport-Olcott Road. According to the report, the vehicle make a wide right turn, crossed over the solid white fog line and struck a snowbank. The operator veered to the right and continued east on Ridge Road where it was stopped. The driver walked towards patrol's vehicle while screaming. There was an odor of an alcoholic beverage. Bucolo's eyes were glassy and bloodshot. She failed field sobriety tests and refused a preliminary breath test to show the presence of alcohol in her breath, police said. 


OBSTRUCTION: Cory M. Lasher, 20, 3179 Palmer Road was charged with failure to keep right, failure to use designated lane, obstruction of governmental administration, leaving the scene of a property damage accident and operating a motor vehicle with suspended registration and without insurance. According to the report, Lasher struck a tree on Feb. 2. The sheriff's deputies located a white 2007 Chrysler 300 in the driveway with heavy front end damage, but Lasher was not home. On Feb. 4, the patrol contacted Lasher who would not give any more information about the incident. On Monday, Lasher was issued five traffic tickets and an appearance ticket for second-degree obstruction of governmental administration. He is to appear in the Town of Porter Court on Feb. 20.