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July 13, 2013

Police reports published July 13

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — City of Lockport

HARASSMENT: Danielle P. Hillman, 22, and Peter J. Morello II, 23, both of 131 Church St., lower right apartment, were charged with harassment following a fight on Ransom Street in which Hillman allegedly struck Morello in the face three times and Morello struck Hillman in the face once. Hillman’s finger was also bitten and she was kicked in the ribs on her right side. Police determined Hillman was the initial aggressor.

Town of Lockport

DOG BITE: A man was bitten by a dog while he was working Thursday afternoon at a property on Hamm Road. The victim told a deputy that he was working outside and a home next door had a bee problem. He walked across the street to see if anyone there had contact information. He knocked on two doors and just after that a large husky came from the back yard and began to attack him. The victim sustained minor puncture wounds to both his right hand and right thigh. The dog’s owner told patrol she tried to motion to the man to get back, but was unable to get his attention in time. The dog’s owner showed proof that it was recently vaccinated for rabies, adding the dog had no history of biting anyone. The victim complained of leg pain and indicated he may go to ENH-Lockport to be evaluated.

IMPAIRED DRIVING: Ronald M. Mallwitz, 25, 163 Indian Church Road, West Seneca was charged at 3:04 a.m. Friday with operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs after he was stopped on South Transit Road for an inoperable headlight. During the traffic stop, patrol noticed that Mallwitz had watery, bloodshot and glassy eyes and that he was sluggish answering simple questions and at times was speaking with a thick tongue and slurred speech. When Mallwitz exited the vehicle, he momentarily staggered and used the driver’s door of his vehicle to regain his balance as he walked to the front of his car. According to the report, during a field sobriety test, Mallwitz swayed and had eyelid tremors. At the sheriff’s office, patrol conducted a Drug Influence Evaluation on Mallwitz. A breath sample indicated no alcohol. Mallwitz consented to and provided a blood sample at ENH-Lockport. Bail was set at $250.