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July 4, 2013

Police reports published July 4

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HARASSMENT: Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a Glendale Drive apartment building Sunday by a resident who was complaining that several posters of questionable content were put up and scattered throughout the building. The posters were described by one resident as slanderous and related to a sex offender living in the building. The deputy’s report said a few of residents said they found the posters inappropriate. The deputy located the posters’ creator, a resident in the apartment complex, who said she was simply informing her neighbors of the man’s status as a sex offender. When the deputy explained the charges she would face if she continued putting up the posters, she agreed to stop. Several of the posters were taken by the deputy as evidence.


DWI: Nikolaus S. Pierce, 25, 7875 Chestnut Ridge Road, Gasport was charged Saturday with driving while intoxicated. Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a property damage motor vehicle accident where they reportedly found Pierce in a parking lot on Rochester Road. Deputies said Pierce had glassy eyes, slurred speech and moved very slow. Multiple times Pierce was asked for his license and registration as well. When asked if he had any alcoholic drinks, Pierce reportedly said no. He failed a number of field sobriety tests, deputies said, and had a .168 percent blood alcohol count. However, a breath test put the BAC at .13 percent, deputies said. Pierce was taken to Niagara County Jail on $250 bail.


FRAUD: A West Somerset Road woman informed Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies Wednesday that she received a letter about joining a Secret Shopper service and a money order for $970 in the mail from a Walter Franco of Lucas, Texas. The letter said to deposit the money order then send $870 to Jayne Jamarillo in Austin, Texas. When the victim went to use her debit card following the deposit and withdrawal of the $870, the card was declined. About $600 was missing from the victim’s account and $370 was missing from her mother’s. The case was forwarded to the county Criminal Investigation Bureau.


DWI: Craig L. Miller, 36, 2324 Maple Road was charged Monday with driving while intoxicated. Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Young Street about 9:30 p.m. Monday for a report of a driver who twice almost hit a pedestrian in a parking lot. The deputies said Miller was driving on the shoulder of Harbor Street, so they stopped Miller, who told them he had just left a bar and was heading to an address on Harbor Street. He appeared intoxicated and failed field sobriety tests, deputies said. Miller was charged and brought to the sheriff’s office where a chemical test determined his blood alcohol content to be 0.15 percent. Sent to Niagara County Jail on $750 bail, Miller is facing two counts of felony driving while intoxicated due to a prior DWI conviction in 2008 in St. Lawrence County.