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June 5, 2013

Police reports published June 4

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DWI: Alissa G. Pagliei, 29, 3902 Lockport-Olcott Road was charged Saturday with driving while intoxicated. Niagara County Sheriff's deputies said Pagliei was pulled over for allegedly crossing lanes unsafely and running a red light at Ruhlmann Road, stopping in the middle of the intersection. Deputies said they could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Pagliei's breath as she spoke. They also saw that she had slurred speech, glassy bloodshot eyes and impaired motor coordination. Deputies added that Pagliei failed multiple field sobriety tests. The arrest report said Pagliei's blood alcohol count was .22 percent. She was remanded to the Niagara County Jail on $250 bail.

ASSAULT: Matthew C. Hathaway, 17, 6142 Ruhlmann Road and Michael Hathaway, 16, 6148 Ruhlmann Road, were charged Saturday with third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Deputies said a juvenile reported she was assaulted by the Hathaways, after being hit in the face with a water balloon. Upset about the balloon, the victim tried to leave, she was hit with a bucket of water and then pushed to the ground. Michael Hathaway allegedly jumped on her and began punching her, while Matthew Hathaway kicked her. The victim was reported to have a laceration on the inside of her mouth and head and neck pain. Both Hathaways were given appearance tickets to report June 13 to Lockport Town Court.


WARRANT: Timothy J. McPhaden, 57, 3629 Ridge Road was charged Saturday with resisting arrest. Deputies said they used pepper spray and physical force to subdue McPhaden, who reportedly refused to cooperate with them as they tried to take him into custody on an outstanding warrant for third-degree meancing. He had reportedly been involved in an incident the night before that resulted in a menacing charge being lodged against him, sheriff’s deputies said. When McPhaden returned home the following morning, several deputies attempted to take him into custody but were met with sustained resistance. McPhaden was finally subdued with the use of pepper spray.


DWI: James W. Hedley, 63, 5776 Beach Street, Olcott, was charged Saturday with driving while intoxicated. Deputies said Hedley was pulled over for failing to keep right, as he reportedly crossed over the center line. He was also reported to have been driving 15 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone. Deputies asked for his license, at which point Hedley reportedly fumbled through his wallet but was unsuccessful in locating it, although it was in a sleeve Hedley had in his hand, the arrest report said. Hedley appeared to have glassy eyes and slurred speech and had an odor of alcohol on him, deputies said. Deputies asked if he know why he was stopped, which Hedley reportedly said, "I'm not going to lie, you got me." They asked Hedley if he had any alcoholic beverages to drink, which Hedley said "Yes." When asked how much, Hedley said "Too much." Hedley was arrested on $500 bail.

LARCENY: A Ketchum Avenue woman told deputies Friday she responded to an Internet ad to become a "mystery shopper." She received some information from the company telling her to cash a money order mailed to her for $870, then mail another order to a person for $740. The information said the victim could keep $120 for wages and $10 for mailing the order. Shortly after mailing three of the orders, the victim said she discovered the original money orders were no good and she was out $2,600. The case has been sent to the Criminal Investigation Bureau.