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November 4, 2013

Police blotter items published Nov. 4, 2013

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GRAND LARCENY: Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies responded Saturday to a complaint of theft from Walmart on Transit Road. According to the report, two men entered the store Saturday night, one of whom took at least 32 items and fled out an emergency door. A Walmart employee believes the man actually took 68 ink cartridges with a total value of $2,820.26. The employee gave NCSO a copy of a video of the incident. This case will be turned over to Criminal Investigation Board for further investigation, the report said.


ANIMAL PROBLEM: A Carmen Road man complained Saturday to Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies that he believes someone may have poisoned his pig. The man said that the pig had gotten free several times, causing neighbors to complain. For this reason, he believes a neighbor may have harmed the pig. The sheriff’s report said that nothing seemed suspicious and noted it was possible that the pig may have eaten something without the man’s knowledge. The man told NCSO he was going to have a veterinarian examine the pig. NCSO gave the man a business card to give to the vet if she found anything suspicious.