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November 24, 2008

COMMENTARY: Great coming home this week

Angelo’s Angle: Third US&J installment on life on the PBA Tour.

By Brad Angelo

LOCKPORT — Editor’s note: Lockport native Brad Angelo is a veteran of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour. This is the third in a series of columns he’s writing about life on the PBA Tour.

Well … the week off (because there was no PBA tournament last weekend) was great!

I was able to get back into the Lockport Athletic & Fitness Club each morning for some cardio and core training. I was also able to get some much needed Active Release Techniques (ART) on the wrist injury that I suffered while competing in Hammond, Ind. a couple of weeks ago.

When I’m in town, I go to Dr. Brierley, who has every certification the ART field has to offer. I met with him five times and my wrist is almost back to 100 percent. Not bad for an injury that can sometimes last the entire season!

I also tried to get my home ready for the winter (I mentioned those plans to you last week), but I have a problem. I think that my garage got smaller! It all fit in there last year! How the heck did I get so much more stuff this past year?! Anyway, I’m now in the market for a shed! Is there anyone out there that would like to build me one?

Well, I will be making some calls this week. You can count on that!

The PBA Tour resumes at 11 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day, in Vernon Hills, Ill. (just north of Chicago). After 14 games, the top 32 return on Friday for round robin match play. Don’t forget, you can get game-by-game updates by logging on to PBA.com (in between turkey, stuffing and football of course).

P.S. just letting you know that on Dec. 4th, the PBA is back in Buffalo at Thruway Lanes. I hope you can all come out to watch. If you do, please remember that you are only allowed to root for me (just kidding but kind of serious).

P.P.S. Oops … I almost forgot! HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Contact PBA Champion Brad Angelo by e-mailing scoreboard@gnnewspaper.com.