City of Lockport

— CHARGED: Hilary E. Falls, 98 Washington St., Apt. 2, was charged Thursday night with trespassing, resisting arrest and second-degree obstructive governmental administration. An officer responded to Lockport Memorial Hospital because Falls allegedly refused to leave the emergency room. The report said Falls declined medical treatment but would not sign a refusal form. Officers asked Falls to get up from the bed several times before they removed her and tried to place her in restraints. Falls allegedly continued to pull away from the police after she had been handcuffed and tried to take them off the in the back of the patrol car. After arriving at the police station, an officer had to remove Falls from the back seat because she would not get out. The report said Falls was uncooperative while being booked. She will appear Monday in Lockport City Court.


— LARCENY: The owner of Weeks Trucking on Hosmer Road told deputies Wednesday morning that someone stole two keys to machinery. The report said the owner dropped off two pieces of machinery to a vacant lot Tuesday evening on Miller Road. When he returned, the keys had been taken from the John Deere excavator and New Holland bulldozer. The 12 fuses from the bulldozer also were ripped out and thrown on the ground. A deputy will make periodic checks of the area.


— GREENERY FIRE: A manager at Subway on Niagara Falls Boulevard told deputies Thursday night that two boys had started a fire in the rear lot behind a nearby cemetery. The report said the man saw the kids on bicycles leave the scene when smoke started rising. He called 911 and Adams Fire Company responded to put out the fire. The two kids came into Subway, where they told the manager that they were lighting the tips of sticks on fire and one of them fell. The manager called the Sheriff's Department and the boys' parents. A report will be forwarded to the Juvenile Bureau. The damage to the cemetery's grass, trees and shrubs was estimated at $250.

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