PENDLETON — A 9-acre lot on South Transit Road has been sold to Glocal Development, a Delaware company specializing in automobile dealerships.

Town Clerk Terry Pienta confirmed the land deal, which cost Glocal $730,000 and is located near the Mini-Storage facility.

A group came before the town’s planning board earlier this summer inquiring about a Transit Road parcel, telling the board they were contemplating building a high-end car dealership on a site in that area.

Planning Board chair Jim Sacco said he couldn’t be sure that the Glocal purchase was the same as the group that came before the board.

“It could be that one,” he said.

Sacco added that the area in question is zoned medium commercial, and the board advised the group that a car dealership would fit under that zoning code. Sacco added that no proposals for construction at the site have been brought before the board, and said he couldn’t say for sure that the two groups were the same “until they bring the plans before us.”

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