Friendly face at a polling place

Connor Hoffman/StaffJane Walter at the Wendelville Volunteer Fire Company hall on Tuesday, where she did semi-annual duty as an election inspector for the Niagara County Board of Elections. Walter has been an election inspector for about 50 years.

Certain Pendleton voters might have recognized a familiar face on Tuesday. 

Jane Walter, 88, was working as an election inspector at the Wendelville fire hall. It's a temporary job that she's been doing at least once a year for the past five decades.

Walter said she enjoys the job because it allows her the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. 

"It's fun. I do enjoy it ... It's a long day," she said. 

Walter and the other election inspectors arrived at the fire hall at 5 a.m. to get the building ready for voters. 

"The machines are set up, but we have to get our books and everything ready," she said.

Since her first stint as an election inspector about 50 years ago, Walter said, much has changed in Pendleton.

"At that time the town was small and we all voted at one place ... which was the old town hall on Campbell Boulevard," she said.

In the late 1960s, she added, only four election inspectors were needed to sign in all voters in Pendleton. Today, the growing town has six election districts.

Because of that growth, more election inspectors are needed. Walter recommended her fellow residents give some thought to signing up for the special civic duty.

"I think they would enjoy it," she said.

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