Barker Lions experience 'Dining in the Dark'

CONTRIBUTEDLions Frank Eldridge, Karen Corwin, Phil Russell and Tom Ware experience Dining in the Dark.


BARKER — Representatives of Olmsted Center for Sight in Buffalo visited the Barker Lions Club's June 5 meeting to present their Dining in the Dark program, which allows people to experience eating dinner as someone who is blind or visually impaired would.

Ray Zylinski opened the program explaining his journey as a blind person. He described the joy he felt when he mastered his white cane and could find his desk in his elementary school classroom, and the independence that blossomed when he went to a local store and bought pizza on his own for the first time.

Sheri Shaw ran the dinner portion of the program. After having everyone put on a blindfold, the dinner plates were set down. Shaw explained which foods were located where on the plate using a clock metaphor: Meat at 6 o’'clock, lasagna at 9 o’'clock, bread at 12 o’'clock and vegetable at 3 o’'clock. She gave tips on how to use utensils and pour a glass of water.

Since 1927, Lions International has been Helen Keller’s Knights of the Blind. The dinner reinforced the message that Lions help those with sight and hearing challenges cope and find ways to say, “"Yes I can.”"

Barker Lions meet on the first Wednesday of the month at the Barker Lions building on Main Street. For more information about the club and its services, or to become involved, call 778-7001 or email .

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