Limited vehicle registration service will be offered by the Niagara County Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), County Clerk Joe Jastrzemski announced Tuesday.

A process has been put in place to allow Niagara County residents only to register their vehicles and get license plates or transfer plates between vehicles. Transactions will be done entirely by mail for vehicles, motorcycles, RVs and trailers, Jastrzemski said.

“When we had to close the DMV offices due to COVID-19, we said we would continue to re-evaluate to see what services were in highest demand and how we might provide them,” he said. “It’s clear one of our biggest issues is vehicle registrations. While we have a process for handling work that comes directly from car dealers, we had no process for those who bought a used car from a non-dealer or were looking to put a vehicle back on the road.”

The process involves several steps and specific documents. For the details, go to

Jastrzemski reminded those who have vehicles on the road whose registrations expired in March that they do not need to do anything at this time. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo extended the registration expirations dates until further notice.

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