Viewers of Buffalo Toronto Public Media TV stations who use an antenna to watch will need to rescan their televisions on or after March 13 to continue receiving WNED PBS, WNED Create and WNED PBS Kids.

Antenna viewers have done this in the past for other local stations and it is sometimes called a “frequency change” or “repack.”

Antenna viewers who rescan their televisions now will still need to rescan on or after March 13 to continue to receive local PBS programming, a spokesman for the organization said. Cable and satellite viewers do not need to rescan.

The organization has installed a new transmitter that provides a 30% boost in power, which will help make the signal stronger following the March 13 switchover for those who may currently experience spotty reception due to weather.

Although the increase isn’t expected to significantly increase the overall reach of the signal, some families at the outer reaches of the signal may now be able to receive PBS programming more reliably, the spokesman said.

To rescan, most televisions require a few simple steps: 1) Press MENU button on remote; 2) Select SET UP; 3) Choose "antenna" and then "channel scan" or "auto tune." For instructions for specific television manufacturers, visit

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