Three local school students are partnering with Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, charity: water, Water with Blessings, and ReNV Fitness to host a water awareness event at Buffalo’s Canalside from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Saqr Naser, a seventh grade Buffalo Public School student, was inspired to take action after learning about how many people lack access to clean water during a social studies class.

“It made me feel disappointed to see how many people waste water, not realizing how many people have to drink dirty water with germs in it that can make them sick. I saw kids smaller than me who were making a difference so I knew I could too.” Saqr, along with Abdulwali Alhyani and Fatimah Naser decided to team up to raise awareness about these pressing water issues that are only becoming more prevalent in our global community.

The event will include games, arts and crafts activities, children’s books, snacks, and drinks. Attendees will be able to create their own reusable t-shirt bag, experience the long walks with 40 pound water cans that families undergo daily, witness the powerful transformation of dirty water into clean water through a water filter demonstration, and taste-test the water to experience the powerful assets water filters are in expanding clean water access.

All proceeds will go to Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, charity: water, or Water with Blessings. The students made a fundraiser page for each benefiting organization. Attendees may choose which organization their money goes to or have the donation split between the three groups.

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper works to protect and restore our local waterways and their surrounding ecosystems. “Inspiring community action and the next generation of environmental stewardship is a vital component of our work protecting and restoring Western New York’s waterways,” said Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper Senior Community Engagement Coordinator Claudia Rosen. “It’s wonderful to partner with students who share our commitment to clean water.”

charity: water mitigates this issue by working with local partners to create sustainable, community-owned water projects to expand clean water access. "We love hearing stories like Saqr's," said Scott Harrison, charity: water CEO and founder. "It's inspiring to see the community come together in support of clean water, and we at charity: water are so grateful for the support."

Water with Blessings empowers mothers to become “Water Women,” or agents of change in their community, by equipping them with sustainable water filters. "Each of our 124,000-plus Water Women found in 48 countries," says Executive Director Larraine Lauter OSU, "agrees to filter water for her family and three other neighboring families by using a filter attached to a five gallon bucket. That filter ensures safe water and protects children from water-borne diseases. We believe that every child deserves clean water."

ReNV Fitness, a locally-owned personal training and nutrition studio, is also partnering with the students and is bringing fun games for attendees to play at the event. ReNV Fitness Founder, Eddie Hogan, notes, “this is a great opportunity to bring people together to get active, have fun, and help create a more sustainable, healthful global community.”

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