Who is wise, great at problem solving and stays up at night watching with wide unblinking eyes while the rest of the world sleeps?

According to some Roy B. Kelley student leaders, the answer is local law enforcement, and the students showed their appreciation Nov. 22 by unveiling the Lockport Blue Owl, the new mascot they created for the community-wide campaign that encourages engagement between law enforcement and residents.

Representatives of the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, New York State Police and Lockport Police Department were given their own Lockport Blue Owls to carry in their patrol cars, because, according to the students, “The owl is like the police. They’re smart, they stay up all night and watch over us and protect us when it’s dark outside.”

In addition, the students shared a video showing the creation of the owls and each took a turn at the mic to explain why the owl is a perfect mascot for law enforcement.

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