Wilson students rally for CARES

CONTRIBUTED Students at Wilson Middle and High schools undertook a donation drive for Lockport CARES last month, chipping in household, food, clothing and personal items needed by the CARES emergency shelter and its guests. Among the donors were, from left, seated, Tim Mattice and Riley Robinson; and, standing behind them, Tiffany McCanna, Kelsey Bugyi, Samantha Ellis, Zach George, drive organizer and  Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Deborah R. Sweeney, Megan Froelich, Brianna Deline, Karnryn Myers and Artie Lawson.


Students at Wilson Central School are donating needed goods to the Lockport CARES shelter with encouragement from Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Deborah Sweeney.

Sweeney started a community service project in her class last month, providing her students with a list of household, food, clothing and personal items needed by the emergency shelter and its guests (women, men and families), and asking them to chip in goods on the list.

"I think it is important to teach youth about the value of community service and helping others," Sweeney said.

The response from her FCS students was so positive, Sweeney decided to share her list with the entire middle and high school student bodies, and within days was receiving bags and boxes full of donations. Many teachers in the district offered incentives to encourage students' donations.

One vehicle load of donations was already delivered to the shelter and another one will be delivered soon, Sweeney said this week.

In the past few years, Sweeney's students have donated to Lily's Legacy and Project Linus.