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A 38-year-old Whitney Avenue woman reported to police Friday that her ’13 Ford Expedition was stolen after she let her husband take it to see his parole officer.

The woman said her husband drove to the Buffalo Avenue parole office on Thursday afternoon and a short time later she got a call from his parole officer stating her husband had violated his parole and was being sent to Niagara County Jail. The woman said the parole officer told her vehicle was going to be left in the parking lot with the keys inside. When she arrived about an hour later, the Expedition was gone.

Another parole officer told her one of her husband’s nephews had taken the vehicle, the woman said, but when she called family members, no one had the Expedition.

When she went back to her husband’s parole officer about the situation, the woman told police the parole officer told her, “It is what is is.”

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