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Falls police responded to a large house party and nearly impassable 1400 block of Falls Street early Saturday morning.

Arriving officers found about 300 people, none of whom were wearing face masks, the report noted, at the party at a 14th Street home shortly after midnight. In addition, officers said 14th Street, Robinson Court and the 1400 block of Falls Street were filled with cars and people.

Officers tried to locate the homeowner but were unsuccessful. Police did eventually locate the center of the party where a DJ was playing music. When officers asked him to turn the music down, the DJ responded into his mic, “They are telling us to turn it down. Let’s turn it up!” Officers said the DJ then turned to them and said, “(Expletive) off!”

Police said at that point people in the crowd were becoming angry at being told to leave and it was decided that officers would stand down and let the party continue but keep a watch on it.

A short time later, officers said they received a call of a person with a gun and a person “down” but they were thought to be unrelated. When officers arrived, the party was dispersing and police found no sign of a person with a gun or an injured person.

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