A Lockport man with 36 criminal convictions was sentenced Tuesday to two to four years in state prison for stealing his ex-wife's car in July 2018.

Chad S. Bower, 46, of North Adam Street, was initially given an opportunity to avoid prison for his latest conviction. After he pleaded guilty to third-degree burglary Nov. 19, Niagara County Judge Matthew Murphy III allowed Bower to enter a diversion program for offenders whose crimes are fueled by drug addiction.

But Bower failed to show up on his drug court dates and was subsequently arrested in New Hartford, N.Y., for larceny and possession of a hypodermic needle, according to Assistant District Attorney Joel Grundy.

Bower's lengthy criminal history includes three felonies. He was sent to state prison in March 2005 for a larceny in Niagara County, and again in March 2012 for a robbing a Lockport man at knifepoint. 

Public defender David Blackley said Bower's crimes, which date back to 1990, were fueled by his substance abuse. 

"It's a constant battle for me," Bower said.

"I'm not a violent person," he added.

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