Two North Tonawanda men who are serving time for brutally beating a man outside Brando's Pizza & Wings in 2017 are now facing manslaughter charges, following the victim's death last fall.

Devin J. Gamble, 22, and Eugene R. Guerra IV, of Olean, 25, attacked Michael Jungier, 57, outside Brando's on Oct. 21, 2017, because they mistakenly believed Jungier had urinated on a car that belonged to Gamble, according to a statement from a North Tonawanda man who was drinking with Gamble and Guerra that night.

Gamble told investigators he did not recall the attack because he was under the influence of drugs at the time.

Witnesses said Gamble and Guerra threw Jungier to the ground and punched him repeatedly, knocking his head onto the pavement. 

"I seen Devin and Gino just rapidly punching Mike in the face," one witness told investigators. "Mike was on the ground. His head was on the sidewalk. As they were punching him, Mike's head was bouncing off the concrete."

That witness also told police Jungier did not fight back, though a Niagara Falls woman who witnessed the attack said she assumed he did, according to police reports. The woman also described Jungier as "really drunk," and said he bought everyone in the group drinks earlier in the night.

Several witnesses said the beating knocked Jungier unconscious and opened a large gash on the back of his head.

Jungier was left with permanent brain damage from the attack. He died on Oct. 21, 2018.

After the attack, Gamble and Guerra fled the scene. They were arrested shortly thereafter and charged with second-degree assault. Both pleaded guilty to that charge in May 2018. Gamble was sentenced to six years in state prison and three years of post-release supervision, which Judge Sara Sheldon later extended to five years. Guerra was sentenced to four years in prison and two years of post-release supervision.

Gamble, who is serving his time at the Greene Correctional Facility, pleaded not guilty Monday to one count of first-degree manslaughter.

Guerra, who will remain at Mohawk Correctional Facility at least until late 2021, is scheduled to be arraigned later this week.