A Rapids Road resident is accused of vandalizing his neighbor's vehicle over the holiday weekend. According to the Niagara County Sheriff's Office, the man confessed after he was shown video footage of himself on his neighbor's property with a weapon in hand.

Donald B. Crowley III, 57, 6495 Rapids Road, was charged with third-degree criminal mischief on Thursday, after his neighbor called police to report three large scratches on her vehicle.

The neighbor discovered the damage upon her Tuesday return home from vacation. The footage that she provided to the sheriff's office shows Crowley walking toward her vehicle, while holding an object that looked like a knife or a screwdriver, at 8:41 p.m. Sept. 3, then walking back toward his own residence moments later.

The sheriff's office said Crowley initially denied the accusation but, upon being shown the video footage, admitted to a deputy that he had used a screwdriver to scratch his neighbor's vehicle. Crowley claimed he was getting back at his neighbor, who he said had complained about his "loud" Christmas music and was "rude."

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