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A UPS driver contacted Falls police Saturday after two people began threatening and harassing him following the delivery of a suspicious package to a Welch Avenue address.

The deliveryman said he dropped off a package on the 1700 block of Welch Avenue about 11:20 a.m. Saturday. The driver told officers that the package was “strange” and was heavily wrapped in tape but felt as if it were empty.

After dropping the package off, the deliveryman said he saw two Black males in their teens or early 20s with dreads that came down to their ears get into a car with dark-tinted windows and begin following him. Pulling up next to another UPS driver on the 200 block of Third Street, the driver said the two males approached him and accused him of taking the contents from the delivered package. The driver said he contacted his supervisor and the two males left.

After finishing his shift at 4 p.m., the deliveryman said he was told by a co-worker that the two males had come to the warehouse looking for him. The co-worker said he knew both males and they were “bad guys.”

Not long after, the deliveryman received a call on his phone from one of the males who told him, “We followed you home. We know where you live. We’re going to shoot you.”

Falls police noted they would make frequent checks of the driver’s residence.

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