How would you like to try a juice delight called “Sunset Boulevard?”

Movie and music fans will have field day at Scripts Juice. 

A new year marks the season for starting fresh, living healthy, and taking positive steps forward. Helping to get you there is a new Lockport business designed with healthy eating in mind. 

Scripts Juice, which opened at 12 East Avenue this past fall, features a variety of cold pressed juices, smoothies, and smoothie bowls, many with very clever names. In addition to “Sunset Boulevard, how about “The Beet Goes On,” “Green-eyed Lady,” “Usual Suspects,” “Oh Happy Day,” Buffalo Beet,” “Green Day,” or "A Clockwork Orange?” 
This new juicing concept was brought to Lockport by owners Johnny and Nicole Kong, who are both into juicing, as well as eating as healthfully as they can. The couple visits Buffalo all the time to enjoy smoothies and smoothie bowls and wanted to bring that to Lockport.

"We think it’s great and we thought our cafe customers would, too,” Nicole said. “We get a lot of requests for smoothies next door and felt this was the direction we should go.”

The Kongs are also the owners of the popular Script’s Café, located at 2 East Ave., which first opened its doors 9 years ago this summer. It got its name because it’s located next to the Palace Theatre. Scripts equals movie scripts.

When the restaurant first opened, it was located where the juice bar is now. Three years ago they decided to expand, creating the corner café it is today.

“We’re just very much foodies,” Nicole said. “We enjoy going out to eat. We just enjoy food in general. We wanted to do something that wasn’t in Lockport yet, but that we knew people would like.”
She said Scripts is a “healthy” place to eat that is “warm and welcoming.”
“We wanted to create an environment so that people wanted to come and bring their friends and family and feel comfortable,” she said. “I feel we’ve accomplished this.”
The same success is what the Kongs hope to replicate with the juice bar. Customers can enjoy a variety of fruit and vegetable smoothies. They also offer a variety of seasonal smoothie flavors. For the holidays, the smoothie selection featured flavors such as ginger and cranberry. Nicole said in the spring and summer, they will offer several new options with summer fruits and vegetables such as watermelon.

Specialty bowls are also a popular option on the menu. Patrons can choose fruit toppings, nuts, and butters to go on top of the smoothie base.

Those on-the-go can stop in to get a pre-packaged, cold-pressed juice in a variety of flavors. Nicole said the 8:15 Juice is a good to drink to perk up a person in the morning.  

To help start off the New Year right, Nicole said Scripts Juice will be offering a juice cleanse. Customers stop in and select six juices. They go home and only drink these juices over a 24-hour period, consuming no food or other drink during that time period.
Nicole said a juice cleanse is “great" for folks who feel bloated or sluggish. Those doing a juice cleanse can vary how many days during which they want to participate. Nicole recommends starting with the one-day cleanse. “It’s an efficient and great way to detox and hit the restart button,” she said.

Scripts Juice is open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday and 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Sunday. For more information, visit the Scripts Juice Facebook page. 


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