Three more positive COVID-19 cases in Niagara County

In this file photo from Sunday, March 15, Niagara County Director of Public Health Daniel Stapleton gives a briefing on the state of the Coronavirus in the county. As of Thursday, there are four confirmed cases of COVID-19, all in the western end of the county, according to county officials. 

Niagara County Public Health Director Daniel J. Stapleton has released more information on the three individuals from western Niagara County that tested positive for COVID-19.

The area includes Niagara Falls and the towns of Niagara, Lewiston and Porter.

This is the information we have right now:

• An 83 year-old man who tested positive at Mount St. Mary’s who has underlying health complications and is currently in a local health care facility.

• A 62 year-old man who tested positive at a Kaleida facility, who does not have any apparent underlying health complications and is currently isolating at home.

• A 62 year-old female, who tested positive at a Kaleida facility. It is unknown at this time about any underlying health condition. She is isolating at home.

“I recognize the public wants as much information as possible as soon as possible. We are doing our best to get that out. Our initial priority is quarantining those who were in close, regular contact with these individuals because that is the key to reducing community spread. With three cases, that effort is taking time but our team is working hard,” Stapleton said in a release. “A full contact trace that looks back at all the places an individual has been will take between 24 and 48 hours and will be released as soon as we can. At this time, we cannot say for sure if the disease was contracted through community spread or exposure through travel to a hot zone, but all signs seem to be pointing toward community spread.

Stapleton said none of these individuals were under County Health Department quarantine and none are connected to each other.

As of today, there are 42 individuals in quarantine and four in isolation, including these three new positives. The County Health Department is still waiting on five pending test results.

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