NIAGARA FALLS — Protesters lined up at the entrance to Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station on Thursday afternoon to denounce the use of “Over the Horizon” killer drones.

Organized by the Western New York Peace Center’s Resist Militarism Taskforce, the protest was billed as a “memorial service” for Zemerai Ahmadi and nine family members, including seven children, who were killed in a U.S. drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Aug. 29.

Zemerai Ahmadi was a longtime employee of the California-based humanitarian organization Nutrition and Education International, and while the Pentagon claims he was an Islamic State group militant preparing to attack American troops, signs are mounting that the military may have targeted the wrong man, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

The Peace Center says the drone program is operated from U.S. military bases including NFARS.

“We grieve for the families torn apart by the killer drones, and work for an end to the Military Industrial Complex, the only beneficiaries of the current endless wars,” Peace Center spokesperson Victoria Ross said in a statement.

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