A well-traveled Lockport native is taking her neighbors around 40 states, one stop at a time.

Michelle Blackley Glynn, owner of Full Plate Publicity, has launched two new series for the business's lifestyle and travel blog “Pearls, Plates & Planes.”

“Forty Before 40” and “Page to Pantry” will be published regularly on the blog. “Forty Before 40” will feature guides to 40 states visited by Blackley Glynn over the years, with information about the cultural and culinary landscape of each one. Some of the “Forty Before 40” posts will be coupled with “Page to Pantry” posts, cookbook reviews that relate to the location.

“Our country is so diverse from geographic area to geographic area,” Blackley Glynn said, adding, “Whenever we travel, food is always top of the priority list. I love visiting unique, mom-and-pop restaurants and being able to bring back some of their recipes home. The food really captures the essence of the place.”

Through personal pursuits and her work in tourism and public relations, Blackley Glynn has traveled across the country. For no particular reason, recently, she decided to list the states she had been to, and was surprised to find the list is 39-long. That sparked the thought of "Forty Before 40" — and her quest to make it an even 40 before she turns 40 in 2018.

West Virginia and Alabama are on the table for the No. 40 spot, Blackley Glynn said.

“Pearls, Plates & Planes” was started last year. The blog shares its name with Blackley Glynn's show on LCTV, which focuses on lifestyle and travel around the Niagara County area.

“We'll have people on from local restaurants, or groups who have an event coming up,” she said.

The show recently hosted a grassroots group from Somerset who are lobbying against an energy company's plan to raise a commercial wind farm in the town.

“There's so much out there,” Blackley Glynn said.

Richard Zapp, executive director of LCTV, said “Pearls, Plates + Planes” has become a staple program at the station.

“Michelle covers a wide variety of interesting topics and always has great questions to ask her guests,” he said. “She has an extensive public relations and marketing background and is very well-traveled. That adds exciting flavor to each episode of her show.”

Blackley Glynn, a Williamsville resident, grew up in Lockport.

“It's great to have a connection to Lockport, not only because my parents still live here, but also through LCTV,” she said.”Lockport is such a great place, from the people who live here to what's going on.”

“Pearls, Plates & Planes” is aired at 4:30 p.m. Thursdays on LCTV Channel 20. It can be streamed live and archived episodes are available at www.lctv.net. The blog can be read at https://pearlsplatesplanesblog.wordpress.com/

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